OSM Combiner - select another TYP file


I’m combining OFM cycling and hiking maps for Benelux using OSM Combiner.
OSM Combiner allows to select 1 TYP File among 4 (pre-defined ?) files : GRNew, Mapnik, OFM and OFM_hike.

Based on OFM_hike.TYP created in an earlier Combine operation, I personalised the file and created my own TYP file.

How should I proceed so that I can use my personal TYP file when combining the maps ? Will that work ?

Thanks a lot.

TYP files… Hmm. Are you looking for the Garmin forum?

Not sure what forum to post my question, but it seems that most of the questions related to OSM Combiner are posted under ‘Questions and Answers’.
Yes I’m trying to obtain a Garmin Map combining OpenFietsMap BNL and OpenFietsMap_hike BNL.

If you click “Garmin” in my post above…

If your aim is to get the hiking map, yes you could drop your own modified hiking typ file in the selection box and see if it works or not.

Ligfietser, that is exactly what I want to do. My question is how can I get my TYP file in the selection box ?
Thanks for your help. Christian.

Oops sorry Christian, there are only those choices. You need to replace one of the default ones which you can find in the osm combiner programm folder (save your custom one in txt format) and rename/replace it as OFM_hike.txt

This works exactly like I wanted:expected it to work. Many thanks.