OSM Combiner - Can it run under Linux?

I want to combine some gmapsupp.img files into one may and think that OSM Combiner may be a good way to do that. I am looking at this page:


The page mentions mentions using OSM Combiner under Windows and MAC operating systems but says nothing about Linux (I am using Mint Linux 18).

Am I correct in assuming that OSM Combiner will not run under Linux?

And if so, is there a similar application that will run under Linux and combine gmapsupp.img files?

Thanks for any help or suggestions…


I think it will run on linux, system req. say:
“OSM Combiner requires Java version 7 or higher on your computer.”

OK, that was sort of what I was reading into that too. So it is that since it is a Java app, and Linux can do Java Linux can run it also.

I’ll give it a try and follow up here in case it is helpful to someone else…

Thanks for the reply!


Although it is Java, and would run in theory on Linux if you have the JRE installed, it seems that the developers have chosen to provide a package for windows (.exe installer) and one for MacOS. I don’t think you will be able to adapt either for Linux.

I’m also not clear why they license it under GPL without providing source code. There is a source download area, but seems to me that it has compiled Java not source.

Ive tryed in on linux and it work for me, soo you should get it too

OK, thanks for all the replies!

I’ll give it a go under Linux (Mint 18) then.