OSM Buildings vs Cesium OSM Buildings

What happened here? I can read nothing anywhere on the Forum about that issue and OSM Buildings seems now to be abandoned. https://github.com/OSMBuildings/OSMBuildings or an explanation from the osm buildings side https://medium.com/@osmbuildings/why-were-not-going-to-support-a-multimillion-dollar-company-bde6116a954d

Is there more information about that issue? Was the community consulted solely on mailing-lists? If yes, on which mailinglist? Its sad that an established project seemingly gets torpedoed by the OSMF.

Would like to get more information on that issue :slight_smile:


edit: This is a double-thread on purpose with https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=71617 the other one is basically asking the OSMF and this one is asking the 3d community itself about their thoughts about that issue.

Protection requests:

OSMF: Grants Cesium the trademark “Cesium OSM Buildings”
OSMF: For “OSM Buildings” No trademark is required

It may not be required. But it was requested! Why not grant it? Because they can’t now any more, after granting it to Cesium?
Or is the difference about commercial and community project?

What about “Free OSM Buildings”? - “3D OSM Buildings”?
Or “OSM Streetview”? :sunglasses:
As a Web-Fronted, it could be used like Streetview in the OSM Homepage:
High detailed level offer the Button to change to the 3D-view.
In this case, it don’t even need an Name. And the Tiles should be from MapLibre GL.