Osm-boundaries and how to extract them

How can i extract the boundaries neighborhoods of a city?
For example i want to get all the boundaries of neighborhoods in Paris?

Thank you

Hi, you can use Overpass-turbo, just type in Wizard:

boundary=administrative and admin_level=10 in Paris

It will return a set of boundaties

Ask if you heed another dataset.

Correction: it is better to use a more precise query, then it returns only areas, not borders.

type=boundary and boundary=administrative and admin_level=10 in Paris


Thank you very much!

But there are places that it’s not working.
For exmaple if i want to get the neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Israel i don’t get it for this query.
Maybe there is another tag?

Came an example of the area that you need to get.

For example look at this:

I get only small portion of the city and not all the neighborhoods in the city

It looks like there are very few small administrative units (levels 9 or 10) mapped in OpenStreetMap in this area, other than the ones you found in that query. I don’t know enough about Jerusalem to know if that is because it does not have this kind of administrative division, or it simply hasn’t been mapped in OSM.