OSM-based solution to draw multiple routes on a single map?


I need to draw several routes on a single map.

Here’s a mockup:

Before I see what Google Maps has to offer, is there an OSM-based solution that can do this?

Thank you.

Are those routes you want to display hand-drawn or according to a routing algorithm?

If Hand drawn: have a look at http://geojson.io or http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap

If you need routes via a real routing program, have a look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Routing → Online routers … save each route as a GPX file, and display each GPX file then as an overlay on any popular OSM based map that has a GPX display feature. See the OSM wiki to find more of them.



By either clicking and start/end locations or typing addresses, and having the web site display a route that I can then customize by pulling it until it goes through where I want to go.

I was hopping a site would let me add multiple routes on a single map without having to save/export/import, since this is time-consuming.

If you **really ** need this feature, then have a look at OSRM or graphhopper according to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Routing

Both are opensource projects. You can try to build up a webservice you need with display of more than one route.

Or ask the guys from http://mapbox.com where the developer of OSRM has joined recently.

This is not osm but once you have created all your gpx tracks, you can select all of them and drop on this page in one go. http://www.mygpsfiles.com/app/

Can you upload tracks afterward more?

If you want to search a lost person or a pet from a forest, it would be very useful people to be able to upload their tracks on the same map so everyone can see what areas are already searched.