OSM based restaurant, hotels, etc reviews

2 or 3 years ago, I rember a website based on openstreetmap where visitors could review tourist destinations. Some sort of trip advisor alternative. Unfortunately, I cant find it anymore?

Does anyone remeber?



(I’m in no way affiliated with it and have never even logged in, but stumbled across it a couple of days ago)



Thanks. I think it that was it. But the site seems abandonned. :frowning:

Hey Pan,
I’m not a programmer, but I’ve been dreaming of a project like this. It’s not easy though, as osm-id’s aren’t very stable, and opinions aren’t welcome in the OSM database.

You could use Overpass Permanent IDs for referencing OSM data from elsewehere


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Lake Tahoe summer activities

Does OSM have any type of a Google Map style review?

Only Changeset Comments, & they are more to point out errors, or ask questions, rather than saying good work

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Map notes. Not a review, but it is a way for non-mappers to leave suggestions and ask for improvement.

PS ah, I didn’t fully read the topic. Map notes are not appropriate for reviews of restaurants, hotels etc. Reviewing would be a separate service. OSM doesn’t track where you travel and then ask how you liked it. Such a service could of course use OSM as their base map.


You mean reviews of places like restaurants or tourist attractions, right? No, OSM doesn’t have that.

There is Open Reviews which aims to become an Open Data alternative to the proprietary data silos. Mangrove is the demo frontend for it, but it can be integrated in other apps.

In the OSM world, MapComplete integrates Open Reviews in several themes, e.g. Restaurants and food. OpenCampingMap integrates it for campsite reviews. OsmAnd wants to add a rating system.

Talk at the State of the Map 2020 conference: Creating an open data ecosystem for reviews of places and more

As of now, Open Reviews has a bootstrapping problem. There are only few reviews and it’s only integrated into a few sites. If either usage or integration picked up more, the other would get pulled up as well.


Thanks. Yes. This is exactly what I was asking about.

Thanks! As a newbie, this is extremely helpful.

One service using OSM as a base and providing reviews would be Qwant Maps - that one is nice to show someone whats possible.

And, someone could look up how they integrated the tripadvisor into their site and create something similar.