OSM based GPS navigations and ODbl license of OSM data

I would like to study structure of data used in various GPS navigations based on OSM. As raw OSM data are not suitable for routing, I suppse, each implementation in GPS navigation needs some changes in the data. I suppose these modified datasets can be called Derivative Database by the definition in http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/1.0/.

If derivative database or processed work is publicly used in some software tool, the license requires providing the derivative database to the recipients also in machine readable form.

OSM data are used for example by Be-On-Road. On http://www.beonroad.com/ it is posible to download data for various individual countries in files with .bmd extension. I haven’t found any specifications of this file format, so It is not possible for me to access and study the data. I can only use them in be-on-road navigation.

Are the developers of Be-On-Road fullfilling their ODbl license obligations by providing their data only in files with unknown format?



Please ask here: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/legal-talk

On the “non-legal” part of the question, I’d disagree with the statement “raw OSM data are not suitable for routing”. :slight_smile:

It depends where you are in the world, of course, but I’ve used OSM data for on-road routing in the UK for some time now - apart from building addresses it’s often more correct than the competitors (I won’t get sent down a dirt track that is legally a road but not usable as one). When it comes to “off road” routing (footpaths and tracks) I’m not aware of anything else in the UK that’s even close.

The statement “raw OSM data are not suitable for routing” was not related to data quality. It is related to topology. OSM road data in original structure aren’t composed into routable network. You must do some modifications to obtain dataset with correct topology for routing.

EDIT: I got my answers in http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/License/Community_Guidelines.

The transformation I mentioned would be consisered Trivial Transformation which doesn’t have to be shared.