OSM Android ignore UI Elements

Hello Guys,

my Name is Cenk and i am Developing an App with osmdroid. I have a questions and hope you can help me out. If i wanna zoom closer to an area or a city, all the street names and detail appear. Is it possible in android to ignore them/not showing them.

I have look in the forum, search by myself and could not find any information about that. If someone could give me a hint, that would be great. Till now, i have a great experience with the community.

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Osmdroid displays whatever raster tiles sources you give it. I guess you use this one: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Standard_tile_layer

For your purposes it may be better to use Mapbox GL library with its vector maps that can be styled easily in Mapbox Studio. You can grab one of their styles and just hide all the labels.

Another possibility is to host the “standard” osm.org style by yourself on your servers and just like before, delete all the labels from the style definition. Your client software, apart from URL of tiles, would not change. Though, rendering raster tiles for the whole world needs quite a hefty server (I’d guess, with caches and all of that, 1 TB or more disk space, and RAM for fast imports)

PS: On the risk of being nitpicky - there’s no official OSM Android API or app. Osmdroid is third party. It may be an insignificant difference, but may also be a misonception how things work in OSM. Surprisingly low amount of software is first party, and none of the “consuming” side is, really hosted or maintained by OSMF. Though Mapbox is a good ecosystem built around OSM data :wink:

Hey Trójmiasto,

thank you very much for your detailled response. That will help :slight_smile:
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