OSM android app

Hello, I’m looking for an android application in with I can use OSM map offline. I tried OSM AND+, but I haven’t been contended with it. It was large and when I move app data (offline maps) to sd card, app copy it back to internal storage (it can’t open maps from sd card). I tried advanced map viewer from github too, but version 0.3.0 crushed when I open map. Unfortunately, I haven’t found different version. So, please, sent link for working open-source app, with can open maps from external storage.

Did you try changing the setting for the maps folder in OsmAnd+?
See https://osmand.net/help/faq.html#change_maps_dir
Manually moving the folder with another program will not work.

I know an excellent non-open-source app that does what you want. Bummer you’ve disqualified it.

Thanks for reply.