OSG-Maps 1.2 release

OSG-Maps is an Android App using OpenStreetMap vector and raster data, which displays the map on a virtual globe. It uses OpenGL ES 2.0 for rendering.
The App downloads all maps and data live from the internet. Thus, all content is always up-to-date. I hope that someday everyone has highspeed mobile internet so that downloading maps at home is not necessary anymore :wink:


  • Display of buildings in 3D
  • Optional display of Trees in 3D
  • Choice between different map styles
  • 2 navigation modes: pan, rotate
  • Distortion-free map display (no map projection!)
  • Display optimized for smart phones and tablets
  • Display of the accurate GPS position or approximate position bsed on cells or Wifi hot spots
  • Global search function for addresses
  • Search for POIs in the following categories: eating, drinking, cafes, accomodation, parking, fuel stations, taxi, bus and train stations, ATMs, post, public facilities, info booths, museums, entertainment, schools, pharmacies, hospitals, physicians, public toilets, churches, sport facilities, convenience stores, bakeries

A free trial version of OSG-Maps is available on Google Play