OS Open Map Labelling

Has anyone got any suggestions, or know how to change the labels of roads in Open Map?

The labels are very basic (and often wrong)

Many thanks!

You have already created an account. So go to openstreetmap.org (I guess you mean that by “Open Map”) zoom into the map where the streets are located and click “Edit” to open the editor iD.
If you select a street you can change the name (or labels as you said).

or “ref”

Sorry I was very vague…

I have downloaded the OS Open map data https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/business-and-government/products/os-open-map-local.html

And opened the data in ArcGIS. However the labels that represent the roads are all very inaccurate.

Is there a possible way to change the location of the labels?

Many thanks

Can you point to an area on openstreetmap.org where the labels are “basic” or “wrong” in your opinion ?

I think it is more a rendering issue my apologies.

I am looking at the data at ward level in lambeth. The spatial rendering of the labels and their spacing seems to misleading.

I was just wondering if there was any solution to this? I know the further you zoom in the better depicted the data becomes. However was wondering if there was a solution to displaying the data at a wider scale.

I assume probably not as it normally is the problem with displaying high density data at a distance

I think “Ordnance Survey maps” have nothing to do with openstreetmap. Maybe you’re asking the wrong people?

Indeed. OS Open Data is not part of OSM, although a small amount might be included. Your should really be addressing the query a) to a UK specific channel; b) one relevant to using OS data; c) one re ARC GIS.

OS do publish styles for OS Open Data on Github for QGIS.

Personally I have found I’ve turned to OSM data even when I started out with OS Open Data because it is generally better attributed that OS Open Data.