Oruxmaps (Android)

Oruxmaps (Android app) can now read Garmin img tiles!
Just store the a gmapsupp.img (or individual garmin img tile) in the default offline Oruxmaps folder (mapfiles) and you can browse the map.
Colours and labels aren’t optimal but I’m happy it’s finally possible.

Openfietsmap running in Oruxmaps:

Hi, is this still possible ?

The homepage suggests that it is still possible. Did you try?

Yes, I can confirm it still works

Hi, yes i have tried but can’t see the .img map in Oruxmaps, Oruxmaps does load the map but i only see a bounding box with the name of the Garmin map.

It works. The old versions 6.XX don’t work fine with every img. Only some work. But newer version 7 works fine.

I want to use a Garmin map (that I use on BaseCamp) with Oruxmaps but I can’t find the .img file. It is a map I bought online and never used on a Garmin GPS.
In ProgramData/Garmin/Maps/mymap.gmap I find only .TDB, .RGN, .NOD, .LBL, .NET and .TRE files.
Do I look in the wrong place ?

Yes that’s not working, those files are only for the pc, you need the img’s that are meant for the gps.
In Basecamp you can compile such maps by sending a map selection to your gps or sd card with the built in mapinstaller, or download them directly and for free from sites like http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ or https://extract.bbbike.org/