ORS Tools plugin for me ignores the "polygons to avoid" option

I’m a newbie. I created a shapefile layer and in that drew a polygon, the layer is visible and at the top of the layers list.

In ORS Tools, in Batch Jobs > Points (1 Layer), I select the various options I want and also select the polygon layer I created in the “Polyons to avoid [optional]” field. I left unchecked and also checked the “iterate over this layer” option next to the field, which made no difference.

The result for me is a path that goes through the polygon that I wanted to avoid. The polygon is avoidable.

What am I missing? Thanks for your reply.

What softward/site are you using?

Maybe I should ask this on a different forum?

I guess the question is about:

Yes, not a bad idea to ask it on another forum I think. If you are reasonably sure, create a bug on github.

Ik vermoed dat je Nederlandstalig bent, zo ja, dan zou ik het ook proberen op QGIS - Geoforum

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