Organized Editing by Ola in India

On the Telegram/Matrix group, there’s been multiple discussions over the past year about the Organized Editing by Ola. Ola has done great work mapping missing roads, and adding details to the map in India, especially in undermapped areas of the country (of which there are many).

Through the discussions on the group, community members have brought up suggestions for improving the edits made by Ola. Below I’ve listed 2 suggestions that have been made by multiple community members:

  1. Use access=permissive or access=destination instead of access=private for roads that are open to the general public when permission is granted (like this road in a university)
  2. Use highway=unclassified in between highway=tertiary and highway=residential in the road classification hierarchy (as mentioned here)

If anyone has anything else to add, do mention it on this thread. If someone from Ola is here, this could be a good place to engage with the local community more closely, and provide insight into Ola’s perspective on how such features can best be mapped on OSM.

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One more helpful tag that Ola can use is highway=service with service=driveway. I’ve noticed small roads within apartment blocks where this combination will be more appropriate rather than only highway=residential or highway=service.

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The mapping of highway=service in India is quite different compared to the whole world:

world : 26% of all highway=service are also mapped with service=driveway
Mumbai : 0,04% all all highway=service are mapped also with service=driveway!!!