Order local communitites categories

Is it possible to put some order in the local categories? I think that at least ordering them in alphabetical order should be done. It would also be good if they were ordered in 3 columns instead of whatever this is.

Alternatively, separation by continents and alphabetical order could also work.


I asked the same a while back.

An alternative would be to have them sortable by each user, so I would have Oceania first, while you have Bulgaria & so on?

For that I use the sidebar where I’ve pinned the Bulgarian category. The problem is when I try to look for a specific community.

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I’m wondering if assigning more sensible colors would also help. For example, orange for the Netherlands.


The problem is that you have to look left and right constantly since everything but the first community in each row starts at different position.

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It’s almost as if sorted by ‘who came first’ chronological order. Surely many have wondered about that when looking for a specific community link.

(And I wish I could tick mark the communities who’s conversations I would like/can/wish to follow).

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FYI, we’ve manually ordered them by their English names in alphabetical order a while ago.