Opposite vs. Contraflow

I can’t tell the difference between these two.

There are 2 terms pretty adjacent to each other, one saying: Opposite bike lane, while the other is: Contraflow bike lane.

I Googled these 2, the images looks pretty similar except for the fact that I’m being autocorrected to Contraflow when I search for Opposite.

Can anyone explain?

Did you have a look at the wiki?

opposite means that cyclists can use a oneway road in both directions (no lanes, no tracks, just a sign), opposite_lane is equivalent to contraflow lane although the latter term is not used in osm.

I have read yet I wasn’t able to understand it that way, maybe you should consider editing the wiki to simplify that.

Which are the wiki pages that you found hard to understand?

My personal opinion: use neither.

Use oneway:bicycle=no to specify that bicycles can go against the oneway. Use cycleway:left=lane to specify that there is a lane.