Opposite cycling not in Generic Routable

After downloading a few maps from garmin.openstreetmap.nl I have noticed that these maps do not specify when bicycles are allowed to drive in the opposite direction to the other oneway traffic. This looks like a mistake as the manual implicitly states that they are adequate for cycling (“All other types of transportation”, and “Simple cycle trips from A to B”). The OFM lite does get it right with regard to opposite cycleways. There is an option in mkgmap where it creates opposite cycleways so this should be easy to fix.

I just checked it and there they are specified with (cycleway). Did you try the latest version?

I just tried the latest version (30-12-2014) but my Garmin device gives the same routing results. If they are specified correctly, this must be an issue with my Garmin device. What could this be, considering that it seems to work with OFM lite?

One more update: this is with Generic Routable (new style). I have now tried Generic Routable (not the new style), it seems to work correctly as well.

Thanks rowisp, you are correct. This option --make-opposite-cycleways seems missing in the configuration. In the past I had put the handling in the styles but somehow it messed up car routing so we need to put --make-opposite-cycleways back to the settings. I’ll ask Lambertus to fix this in the next update.

Very good, thanks for looking into this. Also, thank you and Lambertus for providing a great service to me and other Garmin users.

The --make-opposite-cycleways has been added again but the effects will only be visible after the next update (around Friday next week).