operator vs brand

How is better to mark fuel station’s company?
And in general, when to use operator and when brand? (better with local examples)

Nice topic!
I always use operator (and operator:en), but from the wiki it seems that brand=* is what I should have been using.

Here is my suggestion:
Brands are to be used, can be Paz, Sonol, Delek, Dor-Alon, Ten, etc.
Operators are needed in specific cases only, when the fuel station is under a franchise - search for “פז טופז” and you will see some references.
There should be brand=* in Hebrew and brand:en=* in English.

What do you say?

It make sense for me, let’s normalize all fuel stations, and update israel osm wiki?
And what about shops? “Fox”/“Stiematzky” are brands?

Good questions…

I just realized a some weeks ago that potlatch offers the “Brand” definitions and it makes more sense to use the brand instead of operator.
The problem I think of is the software applications that are currently (mostly) not knowing the “brand” notation.
I think we should continue with the “fox / Stiematzki” as name. And we can additionally add the brand definition.

Actually I’m thinking a while if somebody could “normalize” things in Israel via db bot.
I mean that we have several name/name:he/name:en issues that could be solved automatically.
The same goes for all the fuel stations in Israel.

I’m voting for a bot (script) that fixes and normalizes things in Israel from time to time.

But only if a shop doesn’t have it’s own name.

Anybody can point me to some examples of good bots?

Here is another thread for the definition of a Israeli bot:

@yrtimiD: Would be great if you could look into how to define a bot.
Would be actually amazing great :slight_smile:

I just noticed what Delek fuel station near Holon changed it’s logo to “מבוא שומרון”
maybe somebody know if this is a new brand or just an operator (if yes, operator of which brand)?