Operator (and Name)

Fuel stations are usually part of a chain, e.g. Paz, Sonol, Delek, Alon, etc.

I’ve started distinguishing between an operator and the name of a specific instance (or a branch)

Of course, with the “operator” tag that holds the Hebrew name, I’ve used “operator:en” tag for the English name.
e.g. http://openstreetmap.org/browse/node/339475532

The same should be with hotel chains, e.g. Dan, Isrotel, Hilton, etc.

Great idea. I’ll also start tagging fuel stations with operator=xxx tag.

A similar problem exists in busstops. Sometimes a single busstop is dan+kavim, or dan+egged.
I tag them as “ref”=“dan=1234;lavim=3335”

Don’t forget to add “operator:en” as well.

From the wiki:

You could do it like you suggested, maybe even add “operator=dan;kavim”

Another possibility is to create 2 different nodes with a relation, like suggested here:

Speaking of bus_stop’s, you could also create a bus route relation, like this on in Netanya:

Could someone please create some kind of reference for the big fuel station operators, to keep them equal all over the Israeli map?

Delek, Sonol, Pes(Paz) and so on. I’m not enough familiar with all the operators so I would like to have them without spelling mistakes in English and Hebrew.

I think a entry in this discussion board or entry in the wiki page should help in this behavior.

List of companies:
Direct link:

List of stations:
Direct link:

Direct links are temporary, and should not be used in the long run.

I would suggest these names for operators that have more than 5 stations:
Alon אלון
Dor דור
Delek דלק
Sonol סונול
Paz פז
Ten טן
Sadash סד"ש
Gal גל

I would like to ask again - Please try to fill the English name.
I’ve been going over all named ways in Israel on 26/March, and filled an English name where it was missing.
From a brief overview of the current map, there are new streets in southern Netanya which does not have an English name…

I agree. I’ve already tagged all the stations I added with “operator” since this is really important for everyone who is using subscribed devices (Pazomat, Dalkan, etc.)
I will add the operator:he and operator:en though

I also want to add “Dor-Alon” to the list above.