operating OSM on my Android samsung - need help


I installed OSM on my Samsung Note 2 (Android)
I ma trying to search an address.
I can enter street name and then I can enter either building or intersecting street.

Why can’t I enter street number?
Am I doing anything wrong?

where can I find operating instructions?



You have definitively NOT installed OSM on you device, because OSM is only the project name of the OSM database.

OSM has no own app for android, iOS or others … you may have installed an app from third parties.

I assume you mean “Osmand” ?

If you cannot find housenumbers in Osmand, go to openstreetmap.org and view the same address via webbrowser … can you see any housenumbers there?

If not, it is clear that Osmand cannot present any housenumbers with its own search, because Osmand’s map files are derived from raw OSM data.

please give us a http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Permalink to that area you refer to.

Presumably you mean that you have installed an app that uses OSM data. You will need to look at the website of the app to find out how to use it.

Someone here may be able to help but we would need to know what app you are using.