"OPENTOPOMAP cannot be used at the highest level."


I’m using OpenTopoMap as a custom layer in the Amap Interactive Map. Why is the maximum display level only 13? Are my settings correct? Thank you!

From what I’ve seen, the tiles at higher zoom levels are only created on demand: you have to visit the same location at lower zoom levels first, so that it generates those tiles, before you can zoom in further.

My guess is that whatever layer definition “Amap Interactive Map” is using is wrong. What actually is it?

If I fetch random tiles from OpenTopoMap by just typing a URL in the browser, they work as far as zoom 17, which is what the wiki suggests is the maximum zoom.

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How can this layer be set correctly? I use to “ovitalmap” Thank you

A web search suggests that “ovitalmap” is an Android and iOS app. If that doesn’t let you supply a maximum zoom of more than 13, contact the person you got the app from.

Thank you for your response.
I just tried again, and I noticed that some areas can zoom in to level 17, while other areas display “NO DATA.”
Is it related to my settings?
For example The “URL、Host name、z x y " and settings aer correct.?
Thank you

If the 20 in that picture is a max zoom level then it is wrong. Use 17 instead.