openstreetmaps interaction with AMP

I’m the editor and publisher of an online local news site.

I’ve decided to lean hard into data visualization and interactive maps, and I have a solid programming background, so this is a feasible approach. I’ve immersed myself in the documentation for openstreetmaps, along with R and Leaflet.

I created a map of a recently proposed new city in our county using umap. It worked really well, except for one snag.

While the non-AMP version of the map does fine on both PCs and mobile devices, the map when embedded in AMP pages displays a tiny hard-to-navigate window with no visible fullscreen option.

As a short-term solution I’ve disabled AMP for the article with the map, but I’d like to come up with a more robust solution.

I don’t mind being told RTFM, if someone points me to the right manual to read.