OpenStreetMap World Discord status

Thanks for letting us know!

By the way, does anyone know, what will happen with the other discord channel? OpenStreetMap World It is now ~4 years old since it started in 2019 and has around 4000 mappers. Is that just a channel from the US local chapter? It would be interesting to have a guideline of their future and if there will be a post in that channel about this new forum. Does anyone know the maintainer? @Firefishy @Tordanik @bhousel

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(getting in quickly before the topic closes)

This server is using “Discourse”; OSM World is “Discord”. Despite sharing some letters in the name, they are totally different animals. A cynic might say that “Discord is IRC for people who don’t like IRC, and Discourse is web forums for people who don’t like forums” :slight_smile:

The OSM World Discord site isn’t run by OSMF or OSM US (though OSM US run a Slack instance, which is similar to Discord in some ways). It’s still fairly active.


Thanks for the clarity, I dint know. They sound and look so similar :wink:

I didn’t know. Thank you

I’m one of the moderators of the OSM World Discord and would be happy to answer questions. It’s not affiliated with any OSM organization – it’s purely a community creation. It’s also a lot more informal than most of the other OSM channels.


me too. Any Qs fireaway. Or just the Discord and start chatting