OpenStreetMap with XML3D/WebGL

We finally created a simple viewer for OpenStreetMap using the OSM-W3DS provided by GIScience, Department of Geography, University of Heidelberg. Additionally, first versions of a VRML/X3D to XML3D and a CityGML to XML3D converter have been released. Demo, Video and screenshots can be found at OpenStreetMap 3D Viewer and tools and sources at github.

It is far from being perfect, but should suffice as a basis where other interested people can start playing around with it. Currently the creation of the tiles is done client-side, by requesting appropriate bboxes from the W3DS which results at some places in errors at the tile borders. If in the future the W3DS should support serving tiles directly, one could improve here.

Something which might be interesting to try as well would be hooking up kendzi and the Web-UI in terms of kendzi serving as a geometry construction tool which outputs either xml3d geometry directly or geometry in JSON format, as the latter is a brand new feature for using external data with the new xml3d.js 4.2 release.

So, have fun!