OpenStreetMap websites/apps to share

I wanted to share these websites/apps, which are probably useful for a lot of people. Is there something missing or something you want to add?


OpenTopoMap - same as above, Topographic map, has contour lines

Waymarked Trails - Hiking - Hiking trails, “clickable”, .gpx Download, background can be changed to OpenTopoMap

Waymarked Trails - Cycling - same as above for cycle ways

OpenSeaMap - free nautical database

OpenRailwayMap - the worlds railway infrastructure on one map

OpenCycleMap - map made for cyclists, highlights cycle routes and pubs :smiley:

CyclOSM - a map style that highlights routes for cyclists and shows you the surface of the roads you ride on

Flosm - search through informations (opening hours, telephone number…) of a lot of POIs on OpenStreetMap, see list on the left

F4 map and OSMbuildings - both show map in 3D

Traze - see public transport in realtime, clickable, uses open data from public transport services

WheelMap - shows the wheelchair accessibility

Historic Maps - a map that combines OpenStreetMap with Wikipedia, shows historic objects and old maps as overlay

uMap - save markers, lines and shapes on different map styles, example: Map from /r/Castles

ÖPNV-Karte - a visualisation of the mapped public transport in OSM

Apps (all work offline)

OsmAnd - very advanced but strange GUI, shows public transport and hiking symbols, opening hours, etc, has routing, downloads offline wikipedia articles to objects, Android and iOS (less functions) - fast, easy tool, no hiking tools, elementary routing, free, Android and iOS

Locus Map - different map sources (also non-OSM like SwissOrdonance), has routing, Android only

OSMScout - GPS app with routing and social functions for Ubuntu Phone, Windows Phone, Android and iOS

OruxMaps - Map and sports tracker, can also connect with different bluetooth devices, Android

Gaia GPS - app for hikers, with search for trails and worldwide satellite and topo maps (offline only for premium users)

Poor Maps - OSM-based navigation for Sailfish OS

List of apps for Android and iOS

Routing Services

OpenRouteService - car, cycle and pedestrian routing with a lot of options, shows surface and type of used roads

Brouter Web - fast router,shows height profile, where routing table can be changed by yourself

Kurviger - a route planner that prefers curvy roads and slopes, but avoid cities and highways, automatic round trips based on a given length - a map made for cyclists, which has a routing and roundtrip feature, created by /u/doctor_fegg

Trail Router - routing app for runners, that favours green spaces and nature over the shortest path. It can generate round trip routes as well as point-to-point routes

FacilMap - planning tours collaborative with multiple map sources and elevation profiles

Printing OpenStreetMap Maps

MapOSMatic - printable atlases and single paper up to A0, lot of different map styles and overlays (like Waymarked Trails), free

Field papers - create an atlas yourself with different map styles,

Inkatlas - different styles, up to 6 pages A4 for free

Advanced/Other OSM based services

StreetComplete - small android app that makes it easy to add missing informations like surface, speed limits or cycle ways

Overpass Turbo - web based data mining tool for OpenStreetMap, linked is an example for cycle shops in Berlin

MapCompare - compare different map sources (Google, OSM, Here, Satellite data) with each other

WeeklyOSM - a blog about news in the world of OpenStreetMap

Mappa Pro - create your own small maps and share them

OpenInfraMap - view of the world’s hidden infrastructure (power lines, petroleum and water)

Mapillary - an open-source Streetview-Version you can contribute to

Peakfinder - shows all all surrounding peaks from the given point also available as app

OpenFireMap - map with all the fire houses and hydrants in OSM

Node Density - How dense is the OpenStreetMap database?

OpenStreetMap Wiki - Wiki of the OSM project

I think this is a very valuable resource for OSB users. Thank you for sharing, in Overpass Turbo I using that has a very nice font, is that Discord fonts ?