OpenStreetMap vs Snapchat

Hi all,

Looking for some assistance with Mapping and I think (emphasis on think) OpenStreetMap is where I need to be concentrating my attention so hoping you can help!

I help run a bar in Nottingham and we have many customers who are on Snapchat while they are here. I am not sure how familiar everyone is with Snapchat but when you are at a venue, you can open Snapchat and add a ‘Geofilter’ to your pics/videos based on your location - which is really handy for us from a word of mouth perspective. The particular Geofilters that I am referring to are generic filters which are pulled automatically from some database/map based on the user’s location (ie, however I am not 100% sure where the data is pulled from (my assumption is OpenStreetMap).

The trouble is, when my customers open Snapchat, my bar (Raglan Road Irish Bar, Nottingham) does not show up in the list of location filters for them to add. The filters that show up are my neighbours/competitors (Debsh, Warsaw Diner, Hand & Heart), some of which are a couple of hundred feet away!

My assumption was that my location was not set correctly and neither were my competitors however I have checked OpenStreetMap and everything seems to be set up correctly for my bar (and similarly, the venues that are showing up to my customers on Snapchat), so my question is - does anyone have any ideas/anything I may be overlooking? Anyone have any experience with Snapchat/Maps?

Thanks in advance!

This appears to be the case, going by, but things can change.

The Hand & Heart appears to be next door to you. :slight_smile:

I see only two significant differences in the mapping. Your pub has a website (if anything, that ought to help). The Hand & Heart’s data is at least 2 years old, whereas yours appears more recent. If it’s very recent, maybe it’s not propagated through to Snap. Maybe they only update their database weekly, or monthly, or when they remember to feed one of their monkeys a peanut. When did you add it to OSM?

All of these establishments have been mapped on OSM for nearly 4 years at least (although I still wonder if Debsh is in business every time I pass). This was originally added as The Hawksley and changed a couple of years ago to Raglan Road. (aside to Brian: this is why the Hand & Heart is older, it’s been there to my certain knowledge since the '70s and probably a lot further back before then; I also expect if something changes for the Hand & Heart it will get updated, at least 2 local OSMers drink there from time-to-time).

We aim to have nearly every retail business mapped in the city, although in areas we don’t regularly visit we may be slow updating name changes (see Nottingham Legend on Lower Parliament St). We have certainly had in excess of 90% of businesses on OSM since mid-2013, and licensed premises generally a bit before. I therefore have no idea why Snapchat are not showing your business.

I see that you’ve edited the entry. That’s fantastic: there is much information which it is difficult to keep up-to-date. Other things you could add are: contact 'phone; opening times, real_ale (I see you offer 4 regular cask beers on the Camra WhatPub site).

I’m not familiar with how the SnapChat maps look, but if they are what is called a ‘tiled’ layer it may be that ‘label collision’ has caused your bar not to show. One thing which may help us work out what is happening is if you can do a screengrab of that bit of Derby Road.

The alternative is that SnapChat are getting the data for their filters from somewhere else (not uncommon, this is what Facebook do in the Far East, and we often have hotels complaining because they are accurate on OSM but not on FB), and these data are old. You could check if the Crafty Crow is listed (new) & BZR (gone), or perhaps somewhere like a Room with a Brew.