OpenStreetMap United States

I figure during State of the Map US would be a good time to kick off discussion here among the OSM US community. Howdy y’all/yinz/youse/you guys!

Much of our current discussion is on the OSM US Slack and the mailing list. I don’t see those disappearing anytime soon, though I think this forum will be a great place for us to collaborate internationally. After all, we’ve been doing a lot of work together domestically on highway classification and the OpenStreetMap Americana style. Certainly we’re not the only country with unclear highway classification guidelines and ornate highway shields.


Thank you for getting a OSM USA topic/community started here!


LOTS of good talks at State of the Map US with regard to highways, tagging, and the new Americana style. I’m sure videos will be posted soon for everyone to see.


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Hello World! Happy to be here.

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Waving hello to Discourse community from California, USA.

Hi everyone.

Note that there is now a process to request a new category over #site-feedback:new-category-requests


A few videos are on YT now: State of the Map US 2022 - YouTube

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Email list has much more activity than this, but its good to have it.

There also used to be a U.S. forum with much less traffic, until the OSM Forum was archived in favor of this site.

I agree there should be a U.S. category here as a successor to the old forum for non-realtime discussion. This category would serve as a shared space for a community that’s currently split between the mailing list and Slack. Already, several community members who are active on the mailing list but don’t want to join Slack, or vice versa, have already contributed to discussions here.

The next step would be to formally request a category with some category moderators in mind:

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Yes we should establish a United States category here. I can prepare the category request. Who will serve as moderators? I can volunteer if needed.

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I volunteer to moderate as well.

@ezekielf I’m one step ahead of you—I have a category request typed up and ready, but we just need to figure out who else will moderate.

I’m happy to help moderate as well.

I don’t have bandwidth to moderate here, but I do see enthusiasm from many here with whom I have enjoyed wonderful OSM experiences and/or working relationships. My two thumbs up to each, any or all of them as moderators. Good to see things gearing up!

:raising_hand_man: I was wondering if there was a category for the United States. I’m glad to see someone is getting it off the ground. It’s good for the United States to have at least some representation on the forums even if other platforms are more active right now. Who knows how it will be in the future :man_shrugging:

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