- Website down


I’ve noticed that the website is down since ~3 days (is seems to have started on Tuesday the the 7th April 2020).
Is there someone with any details what happened there and if/when the website (including the nice looking overlays like for example “Hydda”) will be available again?

Many thanks in advance.

the admin has noticed the problem and will try to solve it after easter. Just now its most likley that a harddisk breakdown is cousing the total break-down.

Since we do not use the forum that much i rekommed you to join the Openstreetmap Sverige Group on Facebook. Their you will be abel to find more information about the breakdown. If you do not have or like facebook i can copy the information for you (but only in swedish language).

Hi Skinfaxi,

thank you for the update.

Sorry, I’m not Facebook user.
What I found by some search was this group:

I assume this is the correct group and Karl Wettin seems to be the administrator of the server.

As far I have read the last couple of entries the server is quite new and went like live in ~ mid February 2020.
Let’s see when is working again.

I guess by now it’s safe to assume that the website is not going to come back up again?


Check it out, new API to access OSM for Sweden and Germany.

you can use it in any development tools. this video explain how to use it in Studio