OpenStreetMap (OSM) Diary

Hello OSM Africa.
I was trying to write something on my OSM Diary but i couldn’t find any open source on how to add photos in my OSM Diary.
How do i go about it? any help and illustration ?

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it depends what kind of photos, for some photos could be suitable.

If it’s my own photos of OSM-related stuff (meetings, gatherings, tag usage, maps etc) I often load those up to the OSM Wiki, which like Wikimedia Commons can give a simple pre-formatted link to add to the diary. For other things, I think most people use something like Imgur, although some have subscriptions to photo apps or personal websites.

As @dieterdreist says if there is a suitable image on Wikimedia Commons I will use that, but I think anything supporting a diary post should be fine on the OSM Wiki.


Use an image hosting web service to upload your image and link it in your diary entry using kramdown language.


For example, to publish this image posted on the JOSM Wiki, you should enter the following code in your diary entry:


Another example with this image posted on Wikimedia Commons:


You can enter an alternative text for the image between the square brackets. For example:

![A charging station in Malaga, Spain](

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@SK53 @dieterdreist @dcapillae Great thank you let me try it. i will get back here if I face any challenges.

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