OpenStreetMap on website

Hello people, hope that you are well and fine.

I have a little bit of a problem with integrating OSM Api on a wordpress website. Can anyone help me with this?

Have a nice day, and thank you!

If you tell what the problem is we can help more accurate.

In my case, we would like this map:
embeddd on this page:
which is just a blog in a wordpres multisite hosted by

The dialogue for embedding gives a list of sites enabled for embedding that includes youtube but not openstreetmap.

This page asks about oEmbed, as in , would OSM support
Thank you

@Anape21 the ayudacovid19 is not controlled by OSM, OSMF nor one of its working groups.
If you want to embed that, you will have to ask the maintainers of that website to add oEmbed.