OpenStreetMap inquiry


I’m a geography student at the University of Helsinki and I’m writing my master’s thesis about “The social networks for volunteered geographic information and spatial data infrastructures”. As part of my thesis I conduct an inquiry to OpenStreetMap editors and I would really appreciate if you could take part. Answering takes only 5-10 minutes, and would be a great help. Your answers will be stored anonymously and treated confidentially. Feel free to spread the word, if you know someone who is editing OpenStreetMap, but not using forums!

You can find the inquiry here:

Thanks for all of you for your answers!

Suvi Välimäki
University of Helsinki

Have you posted it to one of the mailing lists already? If not, I suggest that you do so yourself (the “talk” list would probably be a good choice). Large parts of the community prefer mailing lists to forums.

Another question: Once you’ve completed your thesis, will you publish it online so the OSM community can look at the results? I’m sure that it would be interesting for us.

Hi Suvi

Have you finished your thesis? It would be good to see the results.