OpenStreetMap information links

This is a list of the most important links for the OSM project. A full list of links can be found here.

Of course, the most important product of the OSM project is The Map.

New to OpenStreetMap? This is a very useful page.

General Information:

  • Wiki This is the main page for the OSM project and has a whole lot of documentation to help you contribute to the OpenStreetMap project. And - because it’s a Wiki - you can add your info as well.
  • Google search Is useful for searching the mailing lists of the OSM project.
  • Talk mailing list This mailing list is used for general OSM talk.
  • OSM IRC channel The OSM Internet Relay Chat channel for interactive discussions and quick questions.


  • Upload GPS tracks The easiest way to support the project is to simply upload your GPS tracks.
  • Edit the map So you are willing to make a more substantial contribution? Choose your favorite editor and co-create the map.
  • Tile@home Map This map can show the changes you’ve made to the map quickly. Just zoom in to level 12 and ctrl-click the tiles that you want to have updated. Updates will become available in about 10 minutes to an hour (Don’t forget to refresh your browser!).



Habe vor zwei Tagen angefangen, mittlerweile habe ich ein Hotel in die Daten eingefügt und hoch geladen.
Kann es auch sehen, aber in der öffentlichen Karte ist nicht da??? Warum?
Kann mir jemand helfen?

Vielen Dank

Welcome in the OSM community. These are the international forums, where English is the preferred language. If you want to communicate in German then please do so here. Thanks!


Kann mir jemand helfen, OSM Karten (Wandern) auf Smartphone Nokia 530 zu laden?

Hallo Manfred,

bitte stelle deine Frage am besten in dem deutsch-sprachigen Unterforum hier … und mache dafür dort ein extra Thema auf.

Oder einer der Wiki-Administartoren ist schneller und verschiebt dein Posting nach dort, wenn das technisch geht …

Very useful reference list for this newbie. Perhaps add this to the Wiki?

At the risk of “list bloat”, I might add this link for Map Features (found under the “See also” section for Editors, which is in your list):

Thank you

Hallo all,
Maybe anyone know a link with openstreetmap tag usage stats, i.e. how many new building= or highway= were added in the last year etc.? In there are only up-to-date statistic without timeline.

Olá a todos! Sou um aprendiz no OSM, mas esforçado em querer aprender. Pergunta: como editar uma calçada de pedestres ? Ela está situada no meio de uma rua, sendo que: uma parte da via tem um direção “x” e a outra “y”. Não estou conseguindo, apesar de várias tentativas, traçar esse “calçadão”. Agradeço a atenção. Abraço.

hay quá.mình đang cần