OpenStreetMap implementation in Blackberry application

Hey all!
I’m quite new to OpenStreetMap, and i would appreciate some help!
I can’t find any information, examples or tutorials on how to implement OpenStreetMap in custom Blackberry application.
Anyone have any link, beginner guide for Blackberry implementation, any info?


You already know in the OSM wiki?

I don’t know whether some of them are opensource so that could be an entry point for your aims?

Yes, I saw that wiki page, but there is just a list of applications for Blackberry that are using OSM.

As far as I know there is no special tutorial about implementing OSM map display or other things inBlackberry applications.

But when you want to implement, I assume that you have enough programming skills to have a look at other OSM using open source software. There are plenty listed in the OSM wiki.

Have a look at their methods to deal with OSM data or rendered map tiles, and implement that in your app you are programming.

This is the only hint that I can give you so far.

If you have a specific question about one specific app (how it works), then don’t hesitate to ask here in detail, maybe we can help further.