OpenStreetMap Hacked!!!!

We think your server has been hacked. Look at the street names in the following url!

What is the problem?

Looks like it has been fixed already.

No hack, but vandalism:

It’s still an issue at varrying zoom levels and scales. OpenStreetMaps should check all of the changes made by that user.

It only seems like their edits within the last day were problematic. The changesets from before that seem fine to me. Maybe it was a contributor’s child that got on the computer and made some vandalism edits.

The relevant edits were reverted 6 hours after they were made by a member of the DWG. The user has been blocked for a cooling off period, and if they edit again will no doubt be watched closely. This timeframe seems reasonable given that the DWG are volunteers and the daily volume of edits is high.

Once tiles get rendered they will stay in cache both on users PCs and on some tile-servers. So the replacement tiles will not appear all at once.

Note that problematical edits can be flagged directly by using the Report this User option on the OSM website. Such reports are likely to be actioned by DWG rather faster than notes in this forum.

It’s OpenStreetMap not OpenStreetMaps by the way.