OpenStreetMap GSOC 2023 Call for project proposals and mentors

The OpenStreetMap GSOC administration committee, Sarah, Tobias and myself, intend to submit an organisation application to Google as we have done in previous years.

At this point in time we a looking for project ideas and mentors. If you have suitable projects please add them to Google Summer of Code/2023/Project ideas - OpenStreetMap Wiki and if you are willing to mentor a student, please send us mail to and add you name to suitable projects.

If you are a candidate for a GSOC slot you do not need to apply before we have been accepted as an organisation and have announced that applications are open. If you intend to submit a project that isn’t on the ideas list, that is possible, but you will need to contact the organisation group early in the process and potentially arrange for mentors yourself.

If you are unsure about how to proceed with suggesting a project or on mentoring , please feel free to ask us at



We haven’t had “many” reactions up to now, if you have a project suggestion please add to the list by the end of this week.


It’s official: OSM will be a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2023. :tada:

Applications for students/contributors will start on March 20. In the meantime, we still welcome additional project ideas and mentors. So if you’re a maintainer or developer from the OSM FOSS ecosystem, you are encouraged to add entries to our project ideas page and/or get in touch with