Openstreetmap for Java - Swing application

Hi all,

I am very new to OpenStreetMap. At this time, I am developing a Java Swing Application that uses OpenStreetMap data. My ideas are that I will download OpenStreetMap data from a tile server (format images) which is specified by longitude and latitude, integrated in a JPanel. After that, I embedded this Panel in a OverviewJFrame. Next, I will do the routing base on this map, right click to choose start end and finish end, draw a shortest line between them.

However, I am very new to this domain and I have never done it before. I post this topic to ask all of you a favor. Could you give me some useful advice please? What should I start to do now? Do you have any examples or some think like that which I can learn quickly. Thank you very much.

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have a look at and do a search for Software, Frameworks, Develop, Software …

I’ve never used them, but there are these Java libraries for displaying tiles: (GPL) (LGPL)

Routing is harder, though. There are a few web services and applications for that, though - such as those on this probably incomplete overview:

Other than that: What stephan75 said.