OpenStreetMap for Beginners videos

I have finally got around to completing part 2 of the Potlatch 2
video tutorial. This one is only just over three-and-a-half
minutes, and covers tracing roads and areas from Bing aerial
imagery. I have also renamed the video (and uploaded a retitled
part 1) to “OpenStreetMap for Beginners” to make its intended
audience more obvious.

Part 1: Add points of interest (4:22):
(apologies for the lack of “HD” version – will upload next week)

Part 2: Trace roads and paths (3:32):

The two previous versions of part 1 have been viewed more than
1,000 times since February. However, I believe these (or others
along the same lines) should really be more prominent to new
users. We get a lot of people registering and never making a
single edit, and this is no surprise given that it is not as easy
as you might expect to find basic steps for having a go. As a
very small step in the right direction, I might be bold and put these
an “Absolute beginners” heading at the top of the “Video tutorials”
wiki page (the videos currently at the top are quite old and include
Potlatch 1).

This is it for my tutorial efforts for at least the rest of the
year. I will shortly be taking a six-month sabbatical from OSM
for family reasons. So, if you are thinking “what about the
advanced features?”, or “what about a GPS-related tutorial?”,
etc., the answer is: JFDI! I look forward to seeing the results!


David (user:davespod)

Thanks for this David. I am in need to this as I am new to OSM and was trying to figure out how to use this. I know these videos will help me.
Thanks again.