OpenStreetMap Firefox extension available!

Hi all,

i just published the first OSM Firefox extension ever:

OpenStreetMap Finder

Get it:

Develop it:

Please leave feedback at my website:


Hi all!

Just to let you knew that a new version is available hat supports German language (in additon to English).

Please feel free to participate in the development of the extension.

I am looking for someone to help to implement switch to query the xml inteface for better results.

Returned value needs to be sorted by place value first for better results.

Anyone interested?


Hi all,

I spend the last days working on the OpenStreetMap Firefox extension accuracy.
OSM data sure has a lots of potential, but somehow it is very hard to actually do something useful with it without reinventing the wheel again.

Only after switching to I managed to improve the accuracy to an very useful level for everyday surfing.

So right now it is first, and only when nothing is found then also will be queried for a second chance.

If nothing is found at both sites the OSM search will be displayed to allow you to refine your query for another go.

As usual you can download the OpenStreetMap Firefox extension without registration from my website:

And after registration (free!) directly from

Please help to improve the extension and take part in the development:


I am interested in more information about this extension but when I go to that site all I see is

Can you cast any light on that very bizarre message?

Is it caused by a technical problem or is it something less professional in character?




Firefox Extensions are simply .zip files.
So you can download the extension from
and unzip it to explore the (rather simple) source-code.

Thank you but although I did already know that, I simply want a fuller plain language description of the extension’s features and usage and any other useful information at that kind of level.

I do not wish to crawl through the code and study the material required to understand it, so as to tediously extract information which would be properly conveyed in plain English and pictures. My programming days ended a long time ago (not long before COBOL and FORTRAN ceased to be the most preferred languages) and, for me, documentation never left any need whatever for the end-user to “unzip it to explore the (rather simple) source-code”. I think that you may have a very misleading target image in mind.

I simply wish to follow this invitation by janmantkowski in the extension page on AMO.

The question is simply, why, given so many references to that site as a useful and informative place to visit, do I find it apparently blocked and how can that be solved, if at all?

I take it that the superficially rude message is not simply the result of a piece of unprofessional and malicious personalised discrimination against some unfavoured individuals, so what is the real problem and what the solution?