mapnik sport icons, where is the love?

I’m new to OSM so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I’ve searched the forums. I know the OSM database is different than the site, but I’m not completely clear on the ownership and management of the various parts of the OSM ecosystem yet - what is open source and what can be modified by outside developers, etc, etc so I thought I would ask.

When I go to and look at the mapnik rendering (for example), I want to see an appropriate sport-specific icon for the areas marked with pitch when zoomed in. Currently I don’t. I only see a green polygon. At least not for most of the sports I’m adding data for (soccer on osmarender might be an exception if memory serves me correctly).

Question: Is this a reasonable expectation, or something which is not going to be displayed on ever?

If it’s not reasonable, I’ll go away, just let me know. :slight_smile:

If it is reasonable, why is this not happening? Does someone need to link up an existing set of images to the rendering code? Can anyone do this, or only certain people with access to Could I for example do this?

If this is a matter of not having free images available, I would be more than willing to put together an icon set. I have reasonable artistic skills and competency with the various image/SVG editing software. So, just let me know and I can help. I’d be happy to.

I did see a post here:

which linked to a set of icons that were absolutely hideous - I’d much rather see something a bit more sexy. And anyway - those icons were not being used consistently for rendering sports pitch that I could tell. So basically, not sure of the status on that.

Again, sorry if this is a dumb question and if the answer is long feel free to PM me (but others might be interested too).


The love for nice symbols in Mapnik can be found in the SVN repository. The stylesheet is in the Mapnik directory as well.

RTFM. Gotcha :wink: