OpenStreetMap Attribution

Hope your summer’s going well!

Some time ago received snail mail regarding Ironman triatlon what happened during the weekend. The organisers sent out an info sheet regarding possible traffic disruption. What caught my eye is that the basemap was:
:one: Stitched together from screenhots
:two: OpenStreetMap
:three: Without attribution
The last point really grinds my gears. Most probably this is a human error and a good practice was not followed by the designer of the info sheet. Or it’s a non-issue and I just could not find (any and all) attributions to the used base map. If and how should this be addressed?

I love how their PDF has zoom controls left over on the right

These custom maps are also probably done with MapBox, which as far as I know, requires attribution too.

One way to approach this is to just write to organizers. I’ve already done this with one map provided by Tallinn and they swiftly added attribution. It’s too late in this case, but maybe next year they’ll be more careful.