OpenStreetMap and my business


I just needed some help with OpenStreetMap and licencing when it comes to business. I’m looking to have it included on my website, which will be for commercial use involving suppliers. I want to be able to have our suppliers details update on the map as when they save their business address on my website (through registering). The map would update and show the location of their business purely for my customers sake when they’re trying to locate what services are near them.

Is this something I’m okay to do with this Map?

Thank you :slight_smile:

See - I am not a lawyer, but as long as source of map data will be clearly visible it should be 100% fine

It should be clearly visible (without hiding it).

And thanks for both using this data (it is intended to be used) and checking what is necessary to use it in the right way.

Do you want to use OSM based tiles only as a background map?

And display teh data of your customers as a kind of overlay?