Openrailwaymaps ?

Hi there
I just wonder if there is a project about rendering only railways, like OpenPisteMap, or others ?

For the UK there appears to be 2 sites.

OpenRailMapUK, which does cover bits of neighbouring countries currently.

This is for the UK data checking also.

Not sure if there’s any worldwide project up and going though.

I’m responsible for OpenRailMapUK, and can afford a little extra processing time each month to add in a larger area - is there a specific country you would like adding? Of course I would love to be able to render the entire world, but I only have a little VPS two weeks a month to do rendering.

And the ÖPNV-map for Germany etc.

I just think it could be great if we have one world map of railway systems, based on OSM :slight_smile:

Could this be done with separate map overlays?

Yes, almost everything can be represented in separate map overlays. Check out the number of overlays on the Dutch OpenCycleMap.

Are the mapnik+osm2pgsql config files available for that? It would be cool to have.

A bit late, but here is the answer for your question: OpenRailwayMap