OpenRailwayMap for Garmin Device


I have been searching for OpenRailwayMaps for my Garmin etrex 32x. Is there any way I can download and use it as we normally do by just downloading an .img file and transfer to SD card of the device? If it’s not avaialable yet, could you please share any tutorials to create custom railwaytracks maps for garmin?

I’ve no idea whether the OpenRailwayMap project make Garmin maps available. There are various contact links at, perhaps you could ask them directly?

Separately to that, I’m sure that some of the Garmin Maps linked from have more railway information than others - I’d start reading there.

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Actually, picking up on that second part of the question, are you looking for routes here or do you want e.g. razed railways to be visible?

If the latter, I can probably help you - the QA map style that I look after would allow you to see those. The documentation’s not quite there yet, though, so you might have more questions.

I am also interested in Open Railway Map for my Garmin Zumo XT.