OpenLinkMap will be shut down

Hi everybody,

some of you may know and use the project OpenLinkMap. For those who do not know it, just have a look at the wiki page or try it at

Now the bad news: On January 27, the project will be shut down. Due to technical reasons I disabled the data update some days ago, but the website will be accessible until January 27. There are the following reasons for my decision to stop the project:

My focus switched to my other project OpenRailwayMap, so I have not enough time any more to develop the OpenLinkMap. The design is not up to date, the website is not responsive and the code is not very elegant, but I have not time to correct all the design mistakes.

The final decision to stop the project right now was the situation that the domain expires on January 27. For a while I had the plan to stop the project in the feature, but now I do not want to spend money again to renew the domain for one or two years.

The source code can be found in a repository on Github: You are free to take the code and continue the project on your own server. The domain will be available again soon, and there is no problem for me if someone would like to register it to continue the project under this name.

I hope that you understand my decision. It is just a hobby project which takes a lot of my spare time and is mainly paid by my own money.

Users who currently embed OpenLinkMap into their own websites using iframes should consider to remove that code from their websites.

Thanks to all the people who supported this project by donations, code or their feedback!