Openlayers Track example

Hi friends. I’m very new, and it’s being hard for me. I’m trying to draw rutes on a map, and I’m following this example: but I don’t see lines drawn. Only the marker. My code:

HTML: I have a .html file with the same code that in the link.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gpx version="1.0">
	<name>Example gpx</name>
	<wpt lat="46.57638889" lon="8.89263889">
	<trk><name>Example gpx</name><number>1</number><trkseg>
		<trkpt lat="46.57608333" lon="8.89241667"><ele>2376</ele><time>2007-10-14T10:09:57Z</time></trkpt>
		<trkpt lat="46.57619444" lon="8.89252778"><ele>2375</ele><time>2007-10-14T10:10:52Z</time></trkpt>
		<trkpt lat="46.57641667" lon="8.89266667"><ele>2372</ele><time>2007-10-14T10:12:39Z</time></trkpt>
		<trkpt lat="46.57650000" lon="8.89280556"><ele>2373</ele><time>2007-10-14T10:13:12Z</time></trkpt>
		<trkpt lat="46.57638889" lon="8.89302778"><ele>2374</ele><time>2007-10-14T10:13:20Z</time></trkpt>
		<trkpt lat="46.57652778" lon="8.89322222"><ele>2375</ele><time>2007-10-14T10:13:48Z</time></trkpt>
		<trkpt lat="46.57661111" lon="8.89344444"><ele>2376</ele><time>2007-10-14T10:14:08Z</time></trkpt>

Thanks in advance, Daniel

I just realized that the rute is drawn, but always in same place… :confused: I changed coordinates in .gpx file, and in .html file, but the result is the same…what is wrong?
This is what I see now (I increased the strokeWidth in .html file in order to you see better):

Best regards.