Openlayers / QuantumGIS, export or sync features Offline

Hello everyone, writing from Spain.

I am developing a web application based on OpenLayers , GeoServer and PostgisSQL , packaged under OpengeoSuite .

The issue has to do with vector layers and their features. Until now, when you add a new item to the map , it is stored in the database by a php call to the database , all Online.

What I want now is to work offline in tablets and then add the database items created offline on the tablet , either passing a file to your pc or creating a script to read the new items .

I’m evaluating using Quantum Gis for Android since I cannot mount offline application, but do not know how to pass the pc features once created, and the dbf files associated to every shapefile that creates Quantum do not contain the Geom column necessary to know the coordinates of the point.

  • QUESTION : What method or program recommend me to create points with attributes in my maps, offline , in a tablet, and how to recover those points in a pc for saving to a Postgis database ? Either by connecting the tablet to PC, or using online from the tablet when available.

Thanks in advance for your time.

If your questions are more aiming at QGIS both on PC and Android device, have you already asked in one of the qgis channels itself?

Or try … there are more qgis topics than here.

I’ll try to, thanks.