Openlayers not functioning

What happened to the openlayers scripts? I use openlayers a lot to show gpx tracks. They now dont show the map and the track. Clicking the + shows only Mapnik.

and try one of the examples there:

Also on a webpage of mine the map and the three borders of NL, BE and D are not visible.

I think this is because Tiles@Home / Osmarender has now been shut down.

Try removing these lines from the webpage:

layerTilesAtHome = new OpenLayers.Layer.OSM.Osmarender("Osmarender");

I think that will fix it.

That did it.


Osmarender has disappeared from indeed.

I owe you a beer!

This worked for months ok.

But now again no map and track shown.

Whats the evel?

OpenLayers released a new version in which they removed a lot of deprecated functions (for which they have warned for many months that it would happen).

There are a few possible solutions:

  • Update your javascript to use the alternative (non-deprecated) OpenLayers functions.
  • Include the deprecated.js script available from in your site so that you can use the deprecated functions.
  • Get an older version of OpenLayers and put it on the webserver of your website and include this version instead of including the OpenLayers.js from

Added the deprecated.js but it did not help.
I`m in Russia and have to to this all on my phone.
Investigating is not easy.
Will see if i can find a real computer somewhere.
Anyhow: thanks.

I don’t see the deprecated.js file being loaded, this may be a caching problem on my side (although I cleared my browser cache), but it could also be that your change hasn’t reached the server yet.

My firebug says:

OpenLayers documentation says:

Have fun in the Orient!

I cannot add it to my gpxtoslippymap site as i found no android app that could handle that server. On my greencaps site the url is to long to type. I will do later.

Here i added the deprecated.js with no succes.

That is giving a 404 not found error for
If you change it to this URL, it should work:

Or you could download, then find deprecated.js in the lib directory, then you can host it on your own website.

Thanks Vclaw that finally did it. Now the ‘thuisfront’ can follow me again. I owe you two beer now. And Lambertus heeft ook nog wat tegoed.