Opening the map

How do I change the point on which the map is centred when it opens?

If you mean the map on, the map opens with the last view (area & zoom level).

Edit: Windows 10 Home 64-bit & Firefox 96.01. No Home location set on

Using my Mac, using my default Firefox, opens on the Home Location I have set in my profile no matter where I have last edited if I am signed in.
On my iphone, using Safari, it starts centred on my house, probably due to using location setting on my phone. When I select the dropdown list under my name it offers a choice “Go to Home Location”.
Using the Brave browser it opened on one of my last edits or where I previously browsed to, Firefox was the same but a different location, DuckDuckGo opened centred on the continent I am in.
It probably depends on the settings of each browser too.

Edit: I expect the easiest solution if you would like the osm start in a particular location is to centre the map on that location and save the link in the url at the top and use that link when you want to use osm….or if on a mobile phone, send the link to your home page and use that. The lat long and zoom is in that url.

That has done it, thanks! As a supplementary question, the point on which the map used to be centred has a marker - how do I remove this?

I only get a red marker if I “go to my home location” and I don’t know how to remove the marker.

@GordonEdin, you quote the Edit reply of ‘nevw’, not mine. Honors to him :slight_smile:

Sorry, not sure how that happened. I’m new to all this!