Opening hours with Shabat entrance

There are a lot of shops and restaurants with opening hours that depends on the Shabat entrance (not sure it’s the correct translation) or end of Shabat and I couldn’t find a proper solution for this. Until now I wrote Fr, Sa unknown “Please Inquire” like I was told on IRC. I think we should find a better solution but I don’t have any idea, does someone have a suggestion?

The tag

opening_hours=Su-Th 08:00-22:00;Fr 08:00-(sunset-03:00);Sa (sunset+02:00)-22:00

describes opening on Friday from 08:00 until 3 hours before sunset, on Saturday from 2 hours after sunset until 22:00, and from 8:00 to 22:00 on the other weekdays.

Please see opening_hours for the syntax details.