Opening hours on odd/even dates

How to tag opening hours that are different on odd or even dates? I.e. one time range for 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc of the month, and another for 2nd, 4th, etc. of the month?
(Working time Odd dates 10.00-14.00, Even dates 13.30-18.30, Sunday closed)

opening_hours=13:30-18:30; Jan 01-31/2,Feb 01-29/2,Mar 01-31/2,Apr 01-30/2,May 01-31/2,Jun 01-30/2,Jul 01-31/2,Aug 01-31/2,Sep 01-30/2,Oct 01-31/2,Nov 01-30/2,Dec 01-31/2 10:00-14:00; Su off

This will work in opening_hours evaluation tool. There are discussions about changing the spec to allow a simpler representation eg: Understand "nth" ranges with ranges of months in non-strict mode · Issue #70 · simonpoole/OpeningHoursParser · GitHub